Your Opportunities for Post-Pandemic Career Change

According to ING Bank, more than three million Australians are considering a career change once we are on the other side of Covid-19.

That number – 3 million Australians – really got us thinking.

That means 1 in 4 working Australians are in the career change mindset.

According to ING Bank, more than three million Australians are considering a career change once we are on the other side of Covid-19. For some this is a decision forced by job losses and industry wide impact, but for many this is the result of extra time to re-evaluate life choices and priorities. In this video and article we share three steps to getting started with a change of career.

For some this is a decision forced by job losses and industry wide impact, but for many this is the result of extra time to re-evaluate life choices and priorities.

Regardless of the reason, it’s now more important than ever to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career, and demonstrate your adaptability, versatility and the transferability of your skills.

At some stage during this pandemic, I think everyone of us wondered: how was this going to play out for us, for our family? Sure, we may have hoped for the best, but we also have had to plan for the worst.

And now, as we start to come out of the restrictions, slowly but surely, it is also time to combine hope and a plan for our careers.

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Change always brings two key aspects: Uncertainty and Opportunity

Over the past few weeks, while the world has been finding its feet again, we’ve been speaking with many people who are leaning into career uncertainty by putting themselves in the best possible position to leap on opportunities.

Like Tony Groves who just achieved a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership, after his first round of qualifications with us 10 years ago.

“We don’t know what the future’s going to bring and I’d rather take a proactive approach and put myself in a good position for whatever comes down the path, rather than take the reactive approach and then scramble at the last minute.”

And Peter Harkin who earlier this year also achieved the same Graduate Diploma. 14 years ago Peter was our first ever recognition of prior learning client.

“Nothing is ever forever, and you just never know where you’re going to be. If you can consolidate your experience into a qualification, then my view has always been that you should while you can, because you never know what’s around the corner.”

See yourself with fresh eyes – don’t take your skills for granted

Smart Company discusses the importance of valuing your skills, and recognising how they could be an asset in a different field.

One of our Co-Founders, Tricia Velthuizen, has been spending time every week personally mentoring our Alumni staring down the barrel of career change.

Every conversation has the same moment: the moment when Tricia starts to talk about what she can see in their experience toolkit and our Churchill Alumni say, “I guess I hadn’t thought of myself that way. It’s hard to see yourself as easily as someone else can see what you bring to the table.”

That’s why Tricia always recommends talking to someone else when you are searching for help with those fresh eyes: whether it is your partner, a good friend, a career counsellor or a chat with Tricia herself, it’s all about conversations that open your eyes to your possibilities.

(On that, we have some very exciting news for you, which we will share at the end of this article.)

At Churchill we talk a lot about this: we call it the transferability of skills … whether it comes to complete career pivots from say Defence and Police, into the private sector, or a Work Health and Safety role in the mining sector to the Logistics sector, so much of the experience you have can be transferable.

Think about it …

Whilst infantry skills and arrest procedure might be useful only in Defence and Police roles, there are an abundance of other skills gained in those roles that will be valued in a number of completely new industries. Leadership, project management, people skills, conflict resolution, team cohesion, attention to detail, diligence, determination and bravery to name but a few.

Likewise engineers in any other role can bring their clear thinking and problem solving into a new role.

Hospitality staff can become absolute guns at sales, as they are adept at listening, watching, anticipating, making people feel good and remembering details about people and their families.

Some of you may have seen the entertaining, potty-mouthed metal drummer and YouTube comedian, come gourmet chef, Nat’s What I Reckon who has turned his kitchen experience into a whole new gig.

Unique times bring unique opportunities

Fast Company highlights a key opportunity that is present in these very different times:

“Though the weakened economy presents challenges, this situation also offers some unique opportunities for people who want to make a career pivot.”

Because, “No one is judging anyone for making a career change.”

COVID-19 has created a world where change is the norm. So, why not take this opportunity to see what doors a culture of change can open up for you?

Once again this is where assessing your skills and demonstrating their transferability to a number of different industries is priceless. And the best way to achieve this is through converting your skills and experience into formal qualifications that operate as an easy to understand benchmark for employers in all industries.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (quoted here) says we should aim to adopt “dynamic stability” where we are ready to adapt as the world accelerates.

The skills necessary for the new world will be versatility, agility and resilience. With these we can all stay centred in the middle of constant change.

And this presents brand new opportunities to redefine your career for the better.

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3 Steps to Post-Pandemic Career Change

  1. Lean into uncertainty, focus on opportunities…

Even in smoother times, every day of our lives contains a degree of uncertainty. Accepting this as the norm allows us to lean in, enjoy the ride, look for the opportunities. When it comes to your career, take an objective audit of where you are now. As yourself questions like, what if my job/business stops? What else could I do? What would I like to do?

  1. See yourself through fresh eyes…

When it comes to changing jobs, and complete career pivots it is essential to see your skills and experience through fresh eyes. As discussed above, you will have many skills that will be valuable in a diverse range of industries. But you’ve got to open your mind and perspective to see them.

  1. Ask for help…

Taking an objective assessment of ourselves is often easier said than done. We don’t know what we don’t know, and after we have been doing a job for a while we start to take our skills for granted. This is where it can be very helpful to talk to someone else about it. A friend or family member is a good start. Often someone who doesn’t know you is even better, as they can offer a completely unbiased perspective. And then the cherry on top is transforming all those valuable skills into qualifications through recognition of prior learning.


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