Your Skills and Knowledge are Absolutely Worth Academic and Career Recognition

Throughout June, we spent one-on-one time (via video) talking with new graduates about their careers – what has been and what is to come. Again and again, during these meetings, I was struck by how clever and hardworking Churchill graduates are.

At the end of every single session I found myself doing the same thing: calling out to Randall to share the inspiring story of the latest graduate. Randall would then talk to me about how impressed he’d been with the graduate’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application.

You see, one of the things we enjoy most about the work we do is getting a glimpse into the work that you all do.

We both have a memory for names and stories. Policing for Randall, prosecuting for me – full names and files were our bread and butter. What a joy it is that we get to meet you in much better circumstances!

We get to know who our Churchill Alumni are and we are really proud of the work you all do.

Your skills and knowledge are absolutely worth academic and career recognition.

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In the last week, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research released a paper on Recognition of Prior Learning in Australia. It showed that less than 3% of Australian students successfully completed any subjects through RPL.

Less than 3%.

Extraordinary. Extraordinarily low.

The research concluded, “There appears to be no single student or program characteristic that strongly predicts an individual being granted RPL.”

In 15 years of specialising in RPL and helping tens of thousands of Australians to receive qualifications through RPL, we have learned that successful RPL comes down to three key qualities in the client and in the RPL provider working together:

  • Start with a genuine conversation – what have you achieved in your career? Where do you see yourself going next? How will qualifications help you reach your goal?
  • We need to know our craft just the same way you need to know your craft – being right across the complexities of qualifications and the evidence that will be needed to get your recognition.
  • Being your advocate – with all those years in policing and prosecuting, there is nothing we love more than proving the RPL case on your behalf.

You are not just a name on a list of data. Over and over, you are someone who has worked hard, learned through being willing to jump in and have a go, and as a result, you have built up skills and knowledge worthy of recognition.

And it is a privilege to help you get the recognition you deserve.

Thank you for your support and may the next financial year bring you every career success.


Have you been recognised?

When you are looking to get your experience recognised, find someone who doesn’t look at you as just a name on a list of data. Make sure you work with someone who doesn’t want to push you into the 97% of students who were overlooked for RPL.

Find someone who looks to identify what your skills and knowledge are worth.

That’s how we approach RPL: as a privilege to help you get the recognition you deserve.

EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

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