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What is RPL?

RPL or Recognised Prior Learning is the process through which your skills, knowledge and experience can be converted into nationally recognised qualifications.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a minimum of 6 months relevant experience from the last five years, that can be translated into qualifications.

What qualifications can I get?

Qualifications gained through RPL range from Certificates and Diplomas up to Advanced Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas.

When should I start the process?

Why not now!? Whether you are considering transitioning at some point in the future, or have recently left, now is always the best time to start. Qualificiations gained through RPL communicate the value of your service experience to civilian employers in a language they can understand and value.

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Was an Army Commando now works as a Workplace Health & Safety Manager

“I do honestly believe without the help in terms of turning my experience into tangible evidence, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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Special Forces

"“I’m very happy and chuffed with Churchill… To be given that personal priority. It makes you feel like you’re actually given a fair go. I just feel like it legitimises what you’re actually qualified for so you won’t enter a civil circle under-qualified, or over fluffing yourself to a point where you’re probably going to be set up for failure.”"


Former WO1

"“I was really impressed with how quick and professional Churchill was. They are there to help, they don’t beat around the bush, and they don’t leave you hanging. You provide them the basic information that they require and they’ll respond to you immediately.” "

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