Defence Transition Career Kit

If you are looking at Defence transition, or have recently left – you are in the right place! Moving into a new civilian career can be confusing and daunting, which is why it is so important to get expert advice.  Based on our 14 years of experience helping defence members to make the transition to a rewarding civilian career, we have created this Defence Transition Career Kit.

The Five Mistakes to Avoid when Transitioning out Of Defence

If you are considering leaving soon, this is a must read. Start preparing for transition as soon as you can. So many people make these avoidable mistakes, which make life much harder than it needs to be.

Top 4 Defence Rpl Qualifications

Discover the top 4 qualifications that are helping our Defence RPL customers to build careers in the private, government, mining and training sectors.

rpl qualifications pdf

Rpl for Private, Seaman & Aircraftman/woman

Find out what skills and experience count towards your qualification, what workplace examples you need to provide, the appropriate qualification level for your rank, why it is important to get the qualification that matches your experience; and how you can achieve higher qualifications.

Everything You Need to Know About Ctas

The Career Transition Scheme (CTAS) is a program run by the Department of Defence. It is designed to give ADF personnel support as they prepare for a

EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

Turn your career experience into qualifications with Recognition of Prior Learning.  Apply for a free assessment today!

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