Exciting news! It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the end of the financial year by giving you a special bonus.

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

  • Fast Track (get your qualifications in 7 days) (valued at $350)

  • Priority Mail (get your qualifications sooner)

  • LinkedIn Review session (valued at $350)

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Co-founders, Randall Smith & Tricia Velthuizen
Co-founders, Randall Smith & Tricia Velthuizen

Turn Your Hard Work into Qualifications

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) turns your experience, training, knowledge and skills into national qualifications that show the value of what you know and can do.

Why gain qualifications through RPL?

  • Qualifications benchmark the value of your transferable skills when you’re looking at transitioning to a new industry. E.g. Those looking at getting out of police or defence.

  • Qualifications that show what you know help you to put your best foot forward when applying for a promotion or a new job in the same industry.

  • Qualifications (and units) achieved through RPL can be used as credit towards university study and save you time and money.

  • RPL means you don’t have to study what you already know and can do.

To get the ball rolling on a free qualification appraisal call us on 1300 793 002 or complete the form below and we will be in touch. 

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LinkedIn Review Session

When you enrol in qualifications through our RPL service during June, you will also receive our EOFY Bonus! That gives you a free 7-day fast track (save $350) + priority mail to get your qualifications swiftly.

PLUS you also receive the opportunity to have a virtual one-on-one LinkedIn Profile Review coaching session with leadership mentor of 30 years and all-around genius, Melody McNulty.

Melody (Mel) will guide you through how to elevate your LinkedIn profile so that it presents you at your very best.

A service which would normally cost you $350.

Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates, making it a vital and powerful career tool.  

It’s one of the big reasons we put together this free downloadable guide on how to create a LinkedIn profile that works for you. Give it a look over, it’s full of great tips and tricks.  


Continual Recognition – Take a fresh look at your eligibility

Many of our Alumni return every few years for a fresh look at their RPL eligibility and go on to achieve further qualifications based on the new skills and experience they have collected.

Has it been six months or more since your last RPL appraisal? You could be eligible for new qualifications.

Contact us for a free updated report, or give us a bell on 1300 793 002.


Save on Tax

If you have achieved qualification/s with us this year and you are looking for your invoice, let us know and we’ll send you a fresh one.

Give it to your accountant and ask about a self-education deduction on your tax return.

We look forward to speaking to you soon!

Graduate Stories

Caitlin turned a 15-year WHS career into an Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety, and a Diploma of Quality Auditing through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). These qualifications have helped Caitlin to establish her own consulting business.

Explore Qualifications

Graduate Reviews

Step One:

We conduct a free qualification appraisal
and give you a report.

The RPL process begins with a conversation with one of our Skills Recognition Advisors.
  • You tell us what you’re looking for and where you want to go
  • You provide a few easily accessible documents
  • You’ll be sent a report within 48 hours. This will include a breakdown of costs involved and lists the qualifications:
    • You could be eligible for right now
    • You could be eligible for with a little more online gap training

Step Two:

You tell us the qualifications you
want and provide evidence.

You can make an informed decision about which qualifications are best for you and your career. Once this is confirmed, we can complete the process.
  • We tell you exactly what evidence we need to establish your competency in the units that make up a qualification.
  • You provide your evidence, then you can sit back and relax!
  • We match the evidence to the units. This is called mapping. Other providers may get you to do this yourself.

Step Three:

You receive nationally recognised qualifications!
Congratulations! Your experience has been validated and translated into nationally recognised qualifications.
  • To save you time, we submit all the paperwork to the government for you. This formalises your qualifications.
  • You receive your qualifications by both email and post, within 14 days for most qualifications. Or, with our VIP Fast-Track Service, you can have them in just 7 days.

EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

Turn your career experience into qualifications with Recognition of Prior Learning.  Apply for a free assessment today!

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