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In a way, Churchill Education began when one of our co-founders, Randall Smith, finally understood that he couldn’t keep working as a senior detective with the Queensland Police Service. After sixteen years and an illustrious career in the force, Randall found himself completely sidelined by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He realised that he’d have to leave it all behind: his role, responsibilities, career progress, badge and the identity that came with it.

Randall knew that his skills and experience were substantial, but he had no qualifications that meant anything to anyone outside the police. So, when he looked into his options for employment, he realised he needed to go through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, to show potential employers what he was capable of. He set about obtaining business management qualifications through RPL, and was surprised at how frustrating, complicated and time-consuming the process was.

Randall eventually got his qualifications, and then some!

But the process itself became the foundation of his next career- helping others through the RPL procedure to get their nationally recognised qualifications. Together with his wife Tricia, Co-Founder and CEO of Churchill Education, Randall began Churchill Education from a desk in the corner of their bedroom. Over time, it evolved into the organisation it is today, much larger in scale and scope, but always with the same simple goal: helping people.

Churchill co-founders, Tricia Velthuizen and Randall Smith
Churchill co-founders, Tricia Velthuizen and Randall Smith

Today, Randall has moved into the position of Executive Chairman of the Board and Tricia has taken up the reigns as CEO.

Churchill Education now specialises in both RPL and delivering quality training qualifications across the spectrum, from Youth Work to Accounting, and everything in between. Churchill Education operates from a landmark building in its local community of Samford, just outside Brisbane, and has a resolute commitment to its comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program, engaging and supporting charitable organisations and individuals in the local community, as well as those at national and international levels.

Whatever qualifications you are seeking, whatever industry background, professional skills or life journey you bring with you, we welcome, respect and acknowledge your stories and experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read ours.

Meet the team:

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Our philosophy:

We are a river, not a dam.

Our vision:

Educating to change lives for the better.

Our mission:

At Churchill Education, we:

  • Recognise and respect the experience of our students;
  • Teach students with our heads and mentor with our hearts;
  • Inspire our students to step confidently into new opportunities throughout their lifetime.

Our values:

  • Bravery
  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Humour
  • Intelligence

Our single organising idea:

We liberate education, lives and communities.

Our positioning statement:

Brave hearts and minds.

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