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Are you interested in earning the BSB30120 Certificate III in Business through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. And, you could do it without having to complete any additional study.

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The Certificate III in Business qualification is best suited to people early in their working career, as you are developing your working habits, skills and knowledge.

Typically, looking at Recognition of Prior Learning for this qualification, we will find that people are working on a range of routine tasks: the sort of work that is procedural, administrative tasks or operational tasks. You can apply some of your own judgement in your work and you may even be providing some technical support to a team. This a clear reflection of the changes that have occurred in a modern work environment – understanding the importance of people as the fundamental priority in a successful team.

From there, the elective units selected will be a blend of units that reflect the breadth of how a business operates. The central themes for the units can be drawn from a range of administrative functions in an organisation. For example, you may have work examples of your work with technology, engaging effectively in your team as well as with customers, interacting with business information and addressing and delivering on business priorities.

Recognition of Prior Learning

After an extensive review was completed in 2020 of all Australia’s business qualifications, the latest and current version of this qualification can be recognised by the code BSB30120.

The earlier qualification was BSB301115 Certificate III in Business. Whilst the spirit of the earlier qualification aligned with the latest version, there have been a range of changes made to ensure that when you graduate with BSB30120 Certificate III in Business, you are possessing the range of skills and knowledge that modern workplaces demand.

Your experience in these roles can help you achieve the Certificate III in Business through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Qualification Details

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The fees for this qualification are as follows:

Qualification through RPL: $995

We have a range of payment options available for you including: Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Installment Payment Plans. Find out more here.

How does the RPL process work?
  1. We conduct a qualification appraisal and give you a report
  2. You tell us the qualifications you want and provide work examples
  3. You receive nationally recognised qualifications!
Let’s step this out a bit more: Step 1. We conduct a free qualification appraisal and give you a report. The RPL process begins with a conversation with one of our Skills Recognition Advisors.
  • You tell us what you’re looking for and where you want to go
  • You provide a few easily accessible documents
  • You’ll be sent a report within 48 hours. This will include a breakdown of costs involved and lists the qualifications:
    • you could be eligible for right now;
    • you could be eligible for if you are able to provide some further work examples (and we’ll share with you what the gaps are and the work examples we’d need); or
    • if training would be your best option. We don’t offer the training so we’ll give you some information about how to locate a training organisation who delivers what you are looking for.
This is cost-free and obligation-free. Step 2. You tell us the qualifications you want and provide work examples You can make an informed decision about which qualifications are best for you and your career. Once this is confirmed, we can complete the process.
  • We tell you exactly what work examples we need to establish your competency in the units that make up a qualification
  • You provide your work examples, then you can sit back and relax!
  • We match the work examples to the units. This is called mapping. Other providers may get you to do this yourself.
Step 3. You receive nationally recognised qualifications! Congratulations! Your experience has been validated and translated into nationally recognised qualifications.
  • To save you time, we submit all the paperwork to the government for you. This formalises your qualifications.
  • You receive your qualifications though both email and post, within 14 days. Or, with our VIP Fast-Track Service, you can have them in just 7 days.

Are RPL qualifications nationally recognised? Yes.

Churchill Education is a registered training organisation, RTO:31430. This means that we are regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the Australian Government regulatory body for the VET sector.

The qualifications that we offer are nationally recognised, and issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Accordingly, they’re exactly the same as those granted by other educational institutions such as TAFE.

View the core and elective units that this qualification can be comprised of through Recognition of Prior Learning.

Where could this qualification take you?

Certificate III in Business is consistent with roles such as:

  • Administration Officer,
  • Customer Service Representative,
  • Personal Assistant,
  • General Clerk and
  • Sales Assistant.

These are roles that are prominent across all industries and sectors – from the public sector to the private sector.

Certificate III in Business comprises 13 units of competency in total. The units of competency required are:

  • 6 core units; plus
  • 7 elective units

The 6 core units are mandatory. These mandatory units cover areas like:

  • Work health and safety
  • Communication and inclusivity in a team
  • Sustainability in the workplace
  • Your own wellbeing in your professional life

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