Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

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Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

Are you interested in earning the BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? Are you in a role of responsibility? You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. And, you could do it without having to complete any additional study.

Have you had experience in:

  • Leading innovative thinking and practice?
  • Initiating and leading applied research?

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What is the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership about?

The keyword at a Graduate Diploma level (which is higher than a Bachelor degree) is strategic – setting the strategic direction for an organisation and leading your broader team to achieve this vision.

You have managers looking to you to set the vision for the success of the business.

To be eligible for the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership through recognition of prior learning, you must demonstrate strategic leadership and management experience, and the application of advanced skills and knowledge.

You are a high-level decision maker, adept at handling organisation responsibility, and able to use judgement and initiative to implement leadership and management responsibilities. You are accountable for the work and function of others.

You are able to analyse information from a range of sources to create solutions to complex problems and create strategies for improvement.

Your well-developed communication skills mean that you are able to explain scenarios in a clear and straight forward manner, so that team objectives can be achieved.

The prerequisites to qualify for the Graduate Diploma are:

  • Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a related field, and three years leadership and management experience; or
  • Bachelor degree in a related field, and two years leadership and management experience; or
  • Five years experience at a high level of leadership and management.

The qualification is comprised of two core units and six electives. The core units focus on leading personal and strategic transformation and leading the strategic planning process for the enterprise.

Examples of Position Titles relevant to Graduate Diploma level work

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Managing Directors

Leadership and Management Industry

Leadership and Management opportunities are in high demand in every sector of the workforce from government and corporate, to mining, retail, construction and everything in between.

There are 1,581,600 Managers currently employed in Australia. One in four are aged 55 years or older, that’s roughly 395,400 managers who are 55+.

This means that in the next decade, we will have hundreds of thousands of managers reaching retirement age and creating an opportunity for promotions, as younger supervisors are coming through the ranks.

In addition, the Future of Work Report forecasts 109,900 more managerial positions by 2023.

You will find a lot more information in our Leadership and Management Industry Report.

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