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Recognition of Prior Learning – New South Wales

Convert your experience into qualifications that demonstrate your versatility and adaptability.

New South Wales (NSW) is home to almost a third of Australians, and at more than half-a-trillion dollars, accounts for around a third of the nation’s total economic output. This makes it Australia’s largest state economy.

NSW has a diverse, service driven economy as compared to the commodity driven economies of Western Australia and Queensland. 

Over the past 20 years, the services sector has steadily grown to account for close to 80% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 90% of employment. 

NSW is particularly strong in business services, which accounts for more than 30% of Gross State Product (GSP). This includes financial services, professional, scientific, technical, property information and telecommunications. 

The sectors of construction, manufacturing, health and education also account for significant shares of GSP. 

NSW is home to more than 65% of regional head offices for more than 600 Asia Pacific companies. 

Employment in the financial services industry in Sydney is more than one third the size of New York City, and almost half the size of London’s!

Now is a great time to convert your skills, knowledge and experience into qualifications through the process of recognition of prior learning (RPL), and make the most of NSW’s thriving economy.

RPL means you don’t have to study what you already know and can do. Plus it saves you time and money!

Why should you try RPL?

  • Get promoted in your current profession and industry
  • Demonstrate the transferability of your skills to move to a new industry
  • Ensure your qualifications match your experience for future career pivots

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Top 3 RPL Qualifications
for NSW

Many people have been asking us for our recommendations on the best qualifications for career opportunities in New South Wales.

Our recommendations are based on industry requirements and remuneration, but also on work/life balance and career flexibility.

Because in our experience the most useful qualifications are those that demonstrate your versatility and adaptability so that you are always equipped to respond proactively to change – whether that be in your current role or industry, or the ability to change industries as opportunities present.

Top 3 RPL Qualifications for NSW

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