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Recognition of Prior Learning – Western Australia

Convert your experience into qualifications that demonstrate your versatility and adaptability.

Western Australia (WA) is a unique place.Thanks largely to the mining sector, the per capita gross state product (GSP) is 68% higher than the national per capita GDP.

The top three industries contributing to WA’s GSP are mining, construction and manufacturing.

In short, job opportunities in Western Australia are on the rise in the key industries of mining, construction and manufacturing.

In the last 12 months employment rose by an average of 4.6% statewide, however in mining it rose by 8.6%, in construction 8.7% and manufacturing by 6.1%.

Minerals exploration expenditure is up 21% for gold, 37% for iron ore and a whopping 88% for copper.

Meanwhile residential building spending is up 14.4%.

Now is a great time to convert your skills knowledge and experience into qualifications through the process of recognition of prior learning.

Why should you try RPL?

  • Get promoted in your current profession and industry
  • Demonstrate the transferability of your skills to move to a new industry
  • Ensure your qualifications match your experience for future career pivots

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If you’re a WA current or ex-serving ADF member, you could be eligible for a $5,000 scholarship through the Defence Industry Veterans Employment Scheme. Find out more here. 

Top 3 RPL Qualifications
for WA

Many people have been asking us for our recommendations on the best qualifications for career opportunities in Western Australia.

Our recommendations are based on industry requirements and remuneration, but also on work/life balance and career flexibility.

Because in our experience the most useful qualification is one that demonstrates your versatility and adaptability so that you are always equipped to respond proactively to change – whether that be in your current role or industry, or the ability to change industries as opportunities present.

Top 3 RPL Qualifications for WA

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