Top 5 Police RPL Qualifications

Your Police Experience Counts. We know.

When you’re in the job, all the police training you have done means something. But when you start looking at getting out, you realise there’s a whole other language in job ads – and that mainstream qualifications matter. You start wondering, how will your policing experience stack up outside of the job?Here’s the good news. You’ve got the sort of skills and knowledge that employer’s value. And there is a way to translate your policing experience into the qualifications that make sense in a civilian world.

It’s called Recognition of Prior Learning and you can use it to help build a new career after the job.

Top 5 Qualifications for Police

We’ve been helping police officers to turn their service experience into nationally recognised qualifications since 2006.

These are the top 5 qualifications that helped give them the edge in the career stakes and build a new life after the job.

  1. BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
    Professionals in this field are always required because workplaces must comply to relevant legislation – in both the private and public sector. Pay scale trends show that WHS roles are often at the higher end of the pay spectrum. This qualification assures employers that you are experienced and knowledgeable in these areas, with a comprehensive understanding of WHS and its applications.

    You can see by the sorts of roles that lead to WHS positions that there is often a link to managing WHS outcomes, so combining a work health safety qualification with leadership/management makes sense.

    Possible career outcomes:

    • Work Health and Safety / OHS Officer (WHSO)
    • WHS/HSE Advisor
    • Work Health and Safety Manager
    • Maintenance Coordinator
  2. BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management
    In a policing career, there is a depth of leadership and management experience that means you take unpredictable situations and complex problems in your stride. The BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management shows employers that you can combine the three vital aspects of management: strong team leadership, critical thinking in developing plans and the ability to execute plans to successfully meet organisational objectives.

    Possible career outcomes:

    • Operations Manager
    • Business Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Corporate Services Manager
  3. CPP50619 Diploma of Security Risk Management
    There is an increasing demand for risk management professionals who can assess and protect organisations, and swiftly respond to a broad range of risks including cyber crime, terrorism, operational, compliance, regulatory, and technology risks. The CPP50619 Diploma of Security Risk Management reflects that you have the ability to comprehensively and proactively plan for a variety of risks, whilst effectively leading a team and coordinating organizational resources.

    Possible career outcomes:

    • Security and Emergency Response Coordinator
    • Security and Risk Advisor
    • Security Operations Manager
  4. PSP50416 – Diploma of Government Investigations
    Whether it’s at a local, State or Federal Government level, your investigation skills are highly desirable to government departments looking to fill compliance and enforcement roles.

    The PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations reflects the depth of your investigative skills and your ability to work within a regulatory framework. This qualification also demonstrates that you have the ability to both execute and oversee investigations.

    Possible career outcomes:

    • Inspectors – for example, in work safety, health, local council, primary industries, animal protection, electricity and water
    • Compliance Officers – for example, in transport, resource oversight, Fair Trading, registration boards, customs, statutory authorities
    • Investigators – for example, fraud, accident investigation, Workcover, consumer protection, loss adjusters
    • Local Laws Officers – for example, rangers, marine park
  5. CPP30619 – Certificate III in Investigative Services
    When you’re looking for your next career move, it can be handy to have a plan in your back pocket while you’re looking: for many police, getting your Private Investigator’s licence is that plan.

    The CPP30619 Certificate III in Investigative Services reflects your ability to run out an investigation, from planning to surveillance, technology and evidence gathering. This qualification reflects your ability to identify the facts and solve problems in complex environments.

    Possible career outcomes:

    • Private Investigator
    • Surveillance Investigator
    • Factual Investigator

Find out what your service is worth…

Keep in mind that the level of the qualification you will be eligible for may depend on your rank and length of service. Our qualifications range from Certificate II, all the way up to Post Graduate level (above a Bachelor’s degree). The smart money is on choosing the right level that reflects the career you have achieved so far, and the qualification(s) that will take you on to your next career move.

If you are thinking about which qualifications will best fit your situation, reach out to the team here at Churchill and have a chat. Our Skills Recognition Advisors are ready to talk to you about your career, and guide you through the best options for your individual situation.

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