Which course should you choose –
Certificate IV or Diploma?

Many people come to us uncertain about which course they should be choosing, a Certificate IV or Diploma. Here’s some guidance on choosing the best qualification for you:

  1. What is the role you are doing on a daily basis?
    • Certificate IV – are you conducting routine investigations?
    • Diploma – are you charged with oversight of more complex investigations?
  2. How long have you been in that role?
    • Certificate IV – are you still in the early stages of your investigative career with this organisation, and becoming familiar with the unique requirements of this role and organisation?
    • Diploma – have you been with your organisation for several years, and have you been promoted in your role to supervise others?
  3. What is the depth of your experience?
    • Certificate IV – have you been working in government for some time but only for two years (or fewer) in your investigation role?
    • Diploma – have you come to this role with many years of prior experience?
  4. To what extent does your capacity permit you to share your knowledge?
    • Certificate IV – are you guiding activities and giving technical advice?
    • Diploma – Are you passing on your knowledge and specialist skills to others?
  5. What is your substantive role?
    • Certificate IV – are you working with a partner, such as a corroborator?
    • Diploma – Are you mentoring, such as a Field Training role?
  6. What are your skills gaps?
    • Certificate IV – do you want to develop more consistent investigation skills that you’ll use every day in working with witnesses and evidence?
    • Diploma – do you want to develop oversight skills to supervise an investigation at a more strategic level, in line with organisational targets and objectives?
  7. Where does the majority of your time get spent?
    • Certificate IV – Are you a hands-on investigator who runs an investigation on the ground from start to finish?
    • Diploma – are you back in the office coordinating staff and resources across several investigations or directing multiple staff?
  8. What do you report on?
    • Certificate IV – do you report on compliance or investigation outcomes of the work you personally do?
    • Diploma – are you responsible for the team’s work for internal and/or external reporting purposes?

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