Act of Bravery Award

It’s that time again…

After some fantastic submissions from mentors and others in the Churchill community, we’ve completed the difficult task of choosing just one recipient for the second Act of Bravery Award for 2017.

The Act of Bravery Award gives us the opportunity to acknowledge students and customers of Churchill Education who have been courageous in their daily lives, in accordance with our philosophy of Brave Hearts and Minds. Some of you may remember the first winner of this award, Kerry Chitty, who persisted with her studies in Education Support despite dealing with a myriad of family and health challenges that threatened to disrupt her progress.

Bravery comes in many forms, and we welcome any chance to honour it. This time, we’d like to present the award to…

Act of Bravery Award
Yuvette Hansen, Act of Bravery Award winner

Yuvette Hansen!

Yuvette was nominated for this award by her mentor, Karen Sage. Here’s what Karen has to say about her student: ‘Yuvette successfully balanced her studies, fulltime work and mum-of-two/family responsibilities by studying at night and on weekends.  Right from the start, Yuvette has been what is termed a ‘self-directed student’.  She took charge of her learning, displaying great self-discipline and actively sort input and feedback from both myself and colleagues in her workplace.’

Yuvette also worked extensively with her community in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, and said ‘I am meeting lots of different people in their own environment and I am seeing first hand just how bad it really is.  But with these experiences come a huge appreciation for what I have, and the experiences of other people living in our community who are now rebuilding their homes and businesses.’

Thanks for your hard work, Yuvette, and best of luck for your future!

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