Honouring Those Who Encourage Others: Alumni Referral Rewards

Have you heard of the Churchill Alumni Referral Rewards Program? It’s our way of honouring those who encourage others, and advocate for them getting the recognition they deserve.

Let me tell you why this is so important…

Churchill Education Alumni John Costello

I have a list in my head.  

A list of people who have believed in me.  

And whose belief inspired me to step into opportunities in my life when doors opened. 

From my primary school years (Peter Richards, the teacher who believed in me), to my first full-time job at Southbank TAFE (Wade Core). Then onto my legal career at the Director of Public Prosecutions (Maureen Brosnan, Paul Bannister, Mike Byrne, Gordon Perrett), I have met some outstanding people along the way.  

It is amazing what the borrowed confidence of others can do to drive us on to take on new challenges and find our strength in new ways. Riding a bike in Thailand for 800 kilometres will ever be remembered for the encouraging words of Claire and Peter Baines, Greg Campbell and Willie Moulden matching every spin of my wheels.  

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Have you ever noticed that we remember the full names of the people who fill us with confidence? 

I know that I am very fortunate to have more names to add to that list.  

In our time in Churchill Education, we have been struck by a new list of names.  

The names of those who encourage others to believe in themselves enough to seek out recognition for their career experience.  

We see those names come through each month through our Alumni Referral Rewards program: the names of those who send other people to Churchill’s Recognition of Prior Learning service.  

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One name has come up time and time again…. 

John Costello. 

Churchill Education Alumni John Costello
The wonderful John Costello

John Costello has spent years honing his management, training and work health and safety skills and knowledge.  

When he came to Churchill Education, John was an Operations Training Advisor for a global mining company – and his depth of experience put him clearly at an Advanced Diploma level.  

Like many people we speak to, John was surprised to discover just how many highly regarded qualifications his skills afforded. 

“You realise your skills when you see that piece of paper at the end. That’s great. But you don’t really accept that in yourself until someone says, ‘this is what we can do for you with your skills. Put your skills down and we can make it happen.” 

Whilst John’s experience is pretty impressive, it is what John has done since he graduated that has made him one of our most memorable Alumni and put him at Champion level.  

John has consistently championed the abilities and experience of others over years, referring them to Churchill for their own Recognition of Prior Learning assessments and qualifications. 

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And every time we go to John and offer him an Alumni Referral Reward, John does the same thing. He sends the reward as a donation straight to Hands Across the Water, helping children and young people. 

John Costello is one of those people who believes in others and helps people step into new opportunities with his confidence in them firm in their memories.  

He believes in us, and for that, the whole team here at Churchill is very appreciative.  

Randall and I talk with our children a lot about the type of people we aim to be. People who encourage others and look for the best in others, people who lend a hand and share our knowledge and resources willingly.  

We tell them the stories of Churchill’s Alumni with pride.  

And we will continue to honour our Alumni as our Alumni encourage others to believe in the depth and quality of their abilities.   

Yes, we thank you all through our Churchill Referral Rewards program in a practical way (and please, make sure you let us know if you have referred others to Churchill) but we also wanted to thank our Alumni in this simple and sincere way. 

Thank you to each Alumni who continues to be an advocate for others.  

For being someone who can see the best of others and us, and who in this way, opens doors to greater confidence and new opportunities.  

You make a difference.  

You are a name to remember.  

Stay safe,  

Tricia & Randall 

Randall Smith and Tricia Velthuizen


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