Changes to Work Health Safety and Security Risk Management Qualifications

Recently, the Industry Skills Council released new qualifications in two key areas: Work Health and Safety (WHS), and Security and Risk Management (SRM). In the following video and article we explain the changes and what they mean for you if you currently hold these qualifications. And more urgently how the changes will affect you if you don’t hold the qualifications and would like to apply for them.

These are highly desirable qualifications in employment markets as they link closely into key responsibilities in many workplaces.

It’s a lot of information to take in so we created a video explaining the changes and what they might mean for you:


The Work Health and Safety qualifications have been regularly updated. You will find more information on the history of updates here. The Security and Risk Management qualifications have not been updated in many years – since 2007 and 2011.

All of that changed recently. After some paperwork delays, the new qualifications are now on our scope of registration. Meaning we can now accept enrolments in the newest versions of these qualifications:

Work Health and Safety changes:

Security and Risk Management changes:

In an ideal world, we would get advance notice of the new qualifications and their commencement dates, as well as have them show up on our scope of registration immediately.

But we live in the real world, and we didn’t get warning of the timing of the changes.

In fact, right now we are the only Registered Training Organisation in Australia allowed to issue the newest Diploma of Security and Risk Management, and Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

As yet, we haven’t issued any of these qualifications as getting them ready for assessment takes a lot of work.

What do the changes mean for you?

You can see there has been some tinkering with the names of some of the qualifications.

In addition, there have been some new units included in the qualifications and some changes to pre-requisites.

Find out what you are eligible for

If you DON’T currently hold WHS / SRM qualifications:

The evidence necessary to obtain the latest versions of the qualifications is much more complex and will undoubtedly exclude some people from reaching the benchmark required.

This will negatively impact people who have not yet managed to get qualified with the previous versions of these qualifications.

To enrol in the new Diploma of Security Risk Management for example, you now need to hold the Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management as a pre-requisite. There was no pre-requisite on the last version.

What are your options?

You still have a short window of opportunity to enrol in the older version of these qualifications.

If you have been putting off obtaining your Work Health and Safety and/or Security and Risk Management qualifications – and you are worried that you will now have to put in a lot more work to obtain these – there is still a window of opportunity to get your qualifications sorted in 2019.

In November / December, we are accepting enrolments in:

Contact us to check your eligibility: 1300 793 002 you can complete the form on this page, or talk to us via the chat app.

If you DO currently hold WHS / SRM qualifications:

Mostly, the qualifications have been deemed equivalent – meaning despite the differences in the units, the actual qualifications are deemed to line up equally against each other. (We broke it down for you in the list above.)

And across the board, regardless of the changes, whether you hold a Work Health and Safety qualification and/or a Security and Risk Management qualification…

Your qualifications are still valid and valued!

Qualifications remain valid for a number of years – and in some instances, we see employers accepting the old Occupational Health and Safety qualifications which date back to 2013.

Across Australia, students will continue to study the last versions and receive that version when they graduate.

So, don’t stress – you have a valid and desirable qualification in the minds of employers.

Find out what you are eligible for

What are your options?

There is no immediate need to update your qualifications.

But it is important that you let friends / colleagues who do not hold the qualifications know about the changes.

They still have a short window of opportunity to enrol in the older, more easily obtainable version of these qualifications. They can call us on 1300 793 002 , or contact us here to arrange a comlimentary preliminary assessment.

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You can find out more about that here.

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to chat. Just reach out on 1300 793 002 .

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