Employment Crossroads to Career Empowerment – ‘I Got the Job!’

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Freight Compliance Officer and ex-Defence member, Darcelle Lee achieved four Certificate IVs through Recognition of Prior Learning with Churchill Education. In the following story Darcelle shares her six-month journey from employment crossroads to career empowerment, and her dedication to getting there.

Darcelle Lee and FamilyPrior to reaching out to Churchill Education Darcelle was feeling ready for a change of direction. After a year as a Warehouse Storeperson with her company, she applied for a role with the ILS Team where she gained considerable knowledge and skills with inventory management as well as a foundation of knowledge in export controls and compliance.

Keen to further herself even more, industry contacts suggested she contact Churchill Education to convert her skills acquired during her time serving in the Australian Defence Force into nationally recognised qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning.

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Recognition of Prior Learning

Darcelle reached out to us and worked with Skills Recognition Advisor, Amanda, to turn her excellent experience into a range of qualifications.

Darcelle achieved four great qualifications:

In addition to converting her experience into qualifications, she also had a Resume and LinkedIn Review Session with Churchill Co-Founder Tricia Velthuizen. This is something that is available to all Churchill Alumni.

Darcelle said:

“I had such an inspiring meeting with Tricia. I walked away feeling confident about working on my resume and LinkedIn Profile. I had initially felt daunted by it all, but for the first time ever I wanted to tackle it. I am grateful to put myself in the best possible position to be recognised.”

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Aiming for the Stars

Darcelle says it wasn’t enough for her to just go to work and come home anymore. She wanted to feel like she was providing the best value and working at the highest level to make a difference. She wanted to set an example for her son and contribute to her family.

New Opportunities

Her company announced a number of new roles becoming available, one of which aligned with her interest in trade compliance.

Darcelle said that although she initially felt some hesitation in applying for the senior position, she reflected on Amanda’s advice:

“Shoot high, don’t underestimate yourself and keep on working towards your goal because something great awaits you.”

In Darcelle’s own words, here is the rest of her inspiring journey to career empowerment:

‘I decided I needed to prove myself. I was at a point in my career where I felt I needed to change my attitude and take control of the right opportunities without hesitation or self doubt.

After some hard reflection, I submitted my revamped resume with Tricia’s earlier suggestions. I studied hard for the few weeks I had ahead of the interview, and I was ready to take what I believed I could really master.

My interview opened with “What is your motivation for this job?” 

I fumbled through my answer to this before asking for a minute to regather my thoughts. I felt anxiety and worry as nerves kicked in. I took a big sip of water and reminded myself why I was here…. For my family.

I continued..

“… I’m ready to be more than a cog in the wheel at this company. I’m ready to propel myself into an area of significant responsibility so that I can provide value to this organisation and produce a positive return. I have had many chats about my development with management regarding what it is I want and my goals/direction etc… and my answer has often revolved around the fact that I am someone who just wants to come to work, do my job and go home.

What I really want is to always work towards being the best provider I can be for my son, and for my family. But coming to work, doing my job and going home isn’t enough, and it’s the wrong attitude for me to have.

I need to launch myself into an area of self-development where I can be my best self and work to be a better operator than I was yesterday. So that I am at the top of my game and ready to take hold of opportunities such as this.

I will always work for my family first – but I set my sights at this company in an area I’ll continually grow, be challenged and always excel. That’s my long-term goal here.

I am by no means anyone special. I cannot control what experience or degrees the next person has over me. There will always be someone better than me.

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But I can control the amount of time I invest in my self-development and I can control the kind of attitude I bring to work every day and positive relationships I build with everyone around me. I’m invested and passionate about learning.”

For me, preparing for this interview wasn’t about giving textbook answers.. it also wasn’t about just ‘giving it a go’ and hoping for the best. I prepared for weeks because I wanted THIS opportunity.

Amanda and Tricia were strong forces in reminding me to always believe in myself and I had to believe in my responses.

Before long, the call came through and it was great news…

I got the job!

I am so proud to say I am now an Associate Level Freight Compliance Officer dealing with compliance and regulation for all shipment consignments incoming and outgoing at our communications logistic centre.

It was an amazing feeling. I did it all for my little family with the help of Churchill and a few personal cheerleaders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my confidence and fight that I never knew I had.

I am so intensely grateful for seeking out Churchill. Six months later and after so much hard work I can say I did it and it was absolutely worth the journey.

Thank you for believing in me and more so, helping me to believe in myself!”

Congratulations Darcelle! It was our absolute pleasure to help you to bloom into your infinite and ever evolving potential.

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