Take Control of Your Story

Take control of your story. When you are applying for a new job or promotion make sure your cover letter, resume and qualifications are in order. Co-founder Tricia Velthuizen shares the view from the employer/interviewer perspective, and how important it is to take control of your story.

Today is interview time.

I’m interviewing people for some roles that we have at Churchill Education.

I’ve been busy writing interview questions.

The applicants, they’re not in control of those questions.

That’s my part of the equation.

You are in control of your story

What they were in control of, and continue to be in control of, is the story that they’ve told me to get them here, to get them to that shortlisting, to get them into the interview.

And you know, that story was what they put on their resume and their cover letter.

The information that they shared, who they were and how they told me about that.

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 The other thing that was vital to making it from shortlist to interview was their qualifications.

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If you are wondering how to get the next position you want, take control of your story.

Don’t just take control of your resume, get your qualifications in order, and really get clear about what value you will bring to the role.

That’s the secret.

Good luck.

Tricia Velthuizen
Co-Founder & Director
Churchill Education

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