Why I Keep My RPL Potential Up-To-Date

There’s things in life that are important to manage – but they can be managed by a set and forget approach. You know the type of thing; the mortgage payment, rolling out reliably for 30 years – mine comes out automatically on the 26th of every month.

Barring me short-changing the bank account, I can rely on this system to keep me out of trouble with Westpac and protect my credit score.


On the other hand, there are life priorities I never risk the set being followed by a “forget” and instead, always set a date for up close and personal attention.

For example, when it comes to my Health – every 6 months, I get myself into the dentist and doctor for a once over. I’m keen on being a grandfather one day so I’m doing my best to hang around for a while yet. Plus, Alex, my dentist, tells me I am her favourite patient.

When it comes to my education, I have a priority of staying on top of my qualifications.

I’ve learned the hard way it’s a mistake not to.

In my working life, there have been career blows and career boosting opportunities. And each time, I didn’t see them coming and unnecessary delays in responding always came at a price.

So I learned that whether the news is bad or the opportunity is good, be ready.

Here are 3 reasons why I make my RPL potential a priority

1. Higher Education = Higher Income

The data has been clear on this for years. Higher education levels consistently equate to higher employment levels and incomes.

If you use the set and forget model for your education, chances are you are continuing to grow your experience and capabilities – but letting your formal education level lag behind. Ultimately, that puts you at risk of lagging behind in employment opportunities and earning potential too.

2. Make the Cut: Balancing Experience and Education

When it comes to job recruiting and even tender applications, a shortcut commonly used to shortlist applicants is to look at the qualifications they hold before considering the experience the applicants bring.

The goal is to always make the cut so you have a chance of being considered on merit, not on bullet points.

For example, if you’ve been in program management roles, operating at a strategic level (which is typically at Advanced Diploma or Graduate qualification level) but you hold a Certificate IV qualification, your application is out of balance – and likely out of the running from the outset.

That’s why you make sure that you have both your experience and education in balance.

3. Remain Relevant: Life Long Learning

As we progress in our working lives, the risk is we can be seen as having past experience, but the value an employer is looking for is how are you relevant right now and how will you be adding value in the future?

Vocational qualifications are regularly updated to reflect learning outcomes that are important to industries and align to levels of responsibilities. The qualifications even get a code so it is easy to outline what the qualification addressed and the currency of your education.

Rather than leave them wondering, regularly update your qualifications (and including these on your LinkedIn profile) to demonstrate that you are committed to learning, regularly investing in your education and staying current with industry skills and knowledge. 

Be Ready: Get the Qualifications Your Experience Deserves and Your Career Needs

Throughout your working life, there will be career blows and career boosting opportunities. And you won’t always see them coming.

Each time they came my way, I didn’t see them coming and each time unnecessary delays in responding always came at a price.

Getting qualified will take time. Yes, using Recognition of Prior Learning will save you time by relying on your experience and Churchill’s experience in helping Australians achieve over 27,000 qualifications – but still time.

You can play catch up – or you can get ready.

Trust me, whether the news is bad or the opportunity is good, the best answer is to be ready. 

Make your education your priority.

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