Public Sector RPL
(Recognition of Prior Learning)

Convert your experience as a public servant into qualifications that open career doors.

In Australia, we employ over 2 million public servants across the Commonwealth, State and Local governments. Around 8% of our total population are employed in the public service.

The Commonwealth public service employs about 11% of our public servants in the country, whereas the States employ just under 79% and local governments employ just under 10%.

Employment continues to grow in the public service and as a community we are spending $166,893,800 in public servant salaries and wages.

Of course, there is so much diversity in responsibilities, roles, locations and opportunities when you choose a career of public service. You can be taking on new skills and exploring promotions, effectively building several careers in your lifetime.

Some would say that the superannuation and leave packages make staying in the public service for the whole of your working life very attractive too.

Top 3 Qualifications
for Public Sector

Instead of leaving the public service when you want a change of career, you can instead change the public service you work for or switch departments.

As a significant and competitive employment opportunity, if you are an experienced public servant it is wise to capitalise on your experience to obtain qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Top 3 Qualifications for Public Sector

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Case Studies

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