Recognising Women in the Workplace

Turning career experience into qualifications with RPL

Women represent 47% of the Australian workforce, yet only 23% of our Recognition of Prior Learning graduates are women. We would like to see more women celebrating their achievements, believing in their potential and getting recognised for their hard work and dedication.

Who is eligible to participate?

Growing up, I always expected to join the workforce. I was raised by a woman who taught my sister and me that if there was work to be done, the women were equally as capable as the men.

I never thought that being a woman would hold me back from anything I wanted to achieve.

In many ways, I was right. And in other ways, I was quickly to experience the challenges of being a woman in a working world.

Some of those challenges came from the attitude of male colleagues in my profession. The stories of my experience would be very similar to many other women’s tales, I suspect.

And some of those challenges came from within…

From times that I held myself back, waited in line to be asked rather than stepping forward.

From times I questioned my own abilities or experience and marvelled at the boldness of the men around me, who never seemed to pay any attention to their gaps in knowledge or experience.

When it comes to women working in Australia, we represent 47% of the workforce.

When it comes to women as business owners, we are on the rise.

Over the last two decades, women have increasingly stepped up to the opportunity of creating and running our own businesses. A third of Australian businesses are currently owned by women. I am one of those women.

When it comes to women in leadership, though, we have a way to go.

When it comes to getting promoted, we have a way to go.

Research in the finance industry shows us that 76% of men were offered a promotion at least once without asking for it, compared with 57% of women.

When it comes to applying for jobs, the research confirms that women almost need to have a perfect match to the job criteria to submit their application. As for men, well, they apply the same test that we jokingly see them apply when they look in the mirror each day: they read the list and only see their best assets, so they hit submit and hit it fast!

We have seen the same thing here at Churchill since we started out in 2006.

More men line up to use Recognition of Prior Learning to translate their career experience into qualifications.

It is something Churchill is committed to changing, and we are making progress. But at 23% it has a way to go. So, here we are …. Encouraging you to back yourself!

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Top 4 Qualifications for Women

We’ve been helping women turn their career experience into qualifications since 2006. In that time we have helped countless women to get promoted, start new careers in new industries, and start their own businesses.

Discover our Top 4 most versatile RPL qualifications for women…

Why RPL Suits Women’s Experience

Put a group of women together and quickly the talk turns to the juggles of life: from raising children, to caring for ageing parents, keeping connected to partners, community commitments, housework building a career, trying to slip in some exercise, the brain fatigue of deciding what is for dinner (again) and the joys of collapsing on the couch.   

Save Time

The truth is that no matter the progress in technology, no matter that our partners can use the washing machine and manage the school run, women are time poor and weary.

The idea of returning to study is often too time consuming to contemplate.

And yet, increasingly, qualifications are valued in career progression.

Recognition of Prior Learning is an opportunity for women to get the academic recognition they deserve and save the time they need.

It spares you countless nights and weekends studying subjects to submit assessments for work that you are doing each day on the job.

Instead, RPL capitalises on your day to day work by letting you submit the work you are paid to do on the job as your assessments.

Even better, from start to finish can be a matter of weeks, not years.

Flexible Approach

Churchill’s approach to RPL is flexible: we work with you to gather the evidence that shows your experience in the timeline you set. You can submit your evidence online and you can talk to your Skills Recognition Advisor to help you along the way.

You are not locked in to a study schedule, with lectures, tutorials and assessment deadlines looming.

RPL is a pathway designed to fit in with your professional and personal life.

Save Money

One thing we have noticed at Churchill is how many women reach out to get their partner’s RPL pathway to qualifications underway. When it comes to the family budget, women are prepared to sacrifice to fund their partners’ qualifications.

Obtaining qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning costs significantly less than enrolling to study a qualification.

In fact, in research released by the Australian Government, a review of qualification costs showed many Diploma qualifications starting at $5000 and moving up from there.

In comparison, a Diploma obtained by Recognition of Prior Learning with Churchill Education is $1795. And if the qualification relates to your employment, it is worth asking your tax advisor about a Self-Education deduction on your annual tax return.

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Make Money

The pay gap between men and women in Australia continues to be real.

Then you factor in that managers get higher pay – and frequently, higher level positions require qualifications.

Let’s not forget that higher incomes also attract more money flowing to your Superannuation account.

Finally, add to that the research showing that qualifications overwhelmingly result in higher pay levels, and it is clear that women should be investing in their own professional qualifications to protect themselves and their families financially in the short and long term.

Build your Confidence

To issue qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning requires the same level of compliance and scrutiny by the Australian Government as enrolling to study the course.

For that reason, Churchill takes its obligations seriously.

You can be sure that when we issue qualifications, it is because you have demonstrated the experience, the skills and the knowledge that meets that high benchmark.

Often we speak with people who have always quietly doubted themselves because they lacked that piece of paper to their name. These are people who hold positions of responsibility and are highly regarded by their employers and peers. Still, that quiet voice can whisper words of doubt.

Receiving the qualifications by providing a portfolio of evidence demonstrating what they do so capably on the job, builds their confidence and confirms to themselves their abilities.

Holding a nationally recognised qualification in hand, there can be no doubt: you have what it takes to succeed!

What’s Involved in Churchill’s RPL Process

We conduct a free qualification appraisal and give you a report.

The RPL process begins with a conversation with one of our Skills Recognition Advisors.

  • You tell us what you’re looking for and where you want to go
  • You provide a few easily accessible documents
  • You’ll be sent a report within 48 hours. This will include a breakdown of costs involved and lists the qualifications:

    ○ You could be eligible for right now

    ○ You could be eligible for with a little more online gap training

You tell us the qualifications you want and provide evidence.

You can make an informed decision about which qualifications are best for you and your career. Once this is confirmed, we can complete the process.

  • We tell you exactly what evidence we need to establish your competency in the units that make up a qualification.
  • You provide your evidence, then you can sit back and relax!
  • We match the evidence to the units. This is called mapping. Other providers may get you to do this yourself.

You receive nationally recognised qualifications!

Congratulations! Your experience has been validated and translated into nationally recognised qualifications.

  • To save you time, we submit all the paperwork to the government for you. This formalises your qualifications.
  • You receive your qualifications by both email and post, within 14 days for most qualifications. Or, with our VIP Fast-Track Service, you can have them in just 7 days.

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EOFY Bonus!

When you enrol and pay for qualifications during June, you will also receive the Churchill EOFY Bonus (valued at $700)!

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