Police RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Get your experience recognised.

Turn your police experience into qualifications that demonstrate the value of your skills and knowledge in any industry.

Whether you are handing back your badge or focused on climbing the ranks, qualifications bridge your past experience to your next career step. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) leverages your experience to achieve those qualifications.

Top 5 Police RPL Qualifications

When you’re in the job, all the police training you have done means something. But when you start looking at getting out, you realise there’s a whole other language in job ads – and that mainstream qualifications matter. You start wondering, how will your policing experience stack up outside of the job?

Here’s the good news. You’ve got the sort of skills and knowledge that employers value. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) translates your policing experience into the qualifications that make sense in a civilian world.

Top 5 police RPL Qualifications

Why RPL with Churchill?

The process of converting police experience into qualifications is something we have done since 2006. Ever since our Co-Founder, Randall Smith came to his own career crossroads and found himself with sixteen years of service but no qualifications that meant anything outside of the police.

It was Randall’s experience that drove him to streamline the Recognition of Prior Learning process, to ensure that all those police courses you have completed, the shifts you have worked, and the promotions you have earned are fully recognised in nationally accredited qualifications.

With 12 years experience helping police get qualified, we have also built up a wide range of available qualifications that will build your career path. From Certificate level all the way up to Graduate Diploma (above a Bachelor degree). We spend the time talking with you about the career you have and the career you want.

Together we can design a plan for your future and use Recognition of Prior Learning to leverage your experience, and get you qualified. Save your time, your money and avoid the frustration by speaking to someone who understands your police career today.

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